Huaringas, land of witches

On the north coast of Peru, in the province of Huacabamba (Piura), surrounded by the enchanted Huaringa lakes, lies the most important centre of shamanism in Peru.

Progenies of Ezequiel

They are in love with their leader, he who has promised them resurrection; a man named Ezequiel Ataucusi Gamonal, who wasn't immaculate like Christ, nor legendary like Mohammed, and not even as adored as Haile Selassie.

Fidencio, the holy boy

He used to do operations with broken glasses and without anesthesia. He treated people with baths of muddy water and intense words on Jesus Christ.

Celestial Creatures

None of these beauties will appear on “E Entertainment Television”. They only interest carrion TV producers who seek to place them on their “entertainment” shows, simply for the sake of ridicule and high ratings.

Golden Dolls

She drinks beer like a truck driver, but when she dances it seems as if she were a delicate flower with the mellow hips and calves of a professional soccer player.
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