Progenies of Ezequiel

They are in love with their leader, he who has promised them resurrection; a man named Ezequiel Ataucusi Gamonal, who wasn't immaculate like Christ, nor legendary like Mohammed, and not even as adored as Haile Selassie. They are in love with he who gave a name to their faith in 1968: the Evangelical Mission Association of the Israelitas of the New Universal Covenant.

Ezequiel created a path for his disciples, which now number half a million in Peru. Being Israellite goes beyond an interminable beard and letting hair grow at its own will –it's learning to coexist with poverty, it's being able to starve while sacrificing a cow to God. It's also rejecting urban life and setting in the countryside, while renouncing to a certain sense of ownership. Ezequiel's followers are heirs of a dormant messiah whose prowess was to become invisible. Faith is believing in what is not apprehensible to the eye.

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