Conga: A protest around the water
Ernesto Benavides for Agence France Presse

The villagers in the highlands of Cajamarca are living in anticipation of a further decision of the Government, the mining companies, their leaders, their regional president. All decide but them, the users of the lakes. For them, uncertainty is the same with or without a project under way, with or without an Environmental Impact Study, with or without a state of emergency.

Fall out of the Guano fever

The 22 islands along Peru's coastline where guano – bird droppings used to make fertilizer – are a reminder of the asymmetric prosperity that characterized 19th century Peru, when the country exported this product in large quantities to the United States and Europe.

In the Coca Valley

Peru is the world second largest producer of coca and cocaine of theworld, after Colombia. In the valley between the rivers Apurimac and Ene, in the southern jungles of Peru, 97 percent of the coca leaf harvested in this area is use to produce cocaine.


El ensayo “Gallos del Peru” nos muestra una crónica y testimonio visual cuyo recorrido se ofrece como una lectura social sobre el contexto, la cual pretende mantenerse al margen de la toma de partido ya sea a favor o en contra.
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